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Projects currently funded by the Research Board require both an executive summary and a full report before the final payment is sent.

Executive Summaries are due December 6, 2019.

Request for Proposals for Pistachio Research

The California Pistachio Research Board (CPRB) is requesting proposals for pistachio research to be conducted beginning in March 2020.  Proposals for all aspects of commercial pistachio production are invited but the CPRB is particularly interested in production research on the biology and control of insect pests and diseases, irrigation, weed control, alternate bearing, and bird repellants.  The experiences of the past crop years demonstrated a lack of understanding of chill physiology/biochemistry and the importance of hull integrity/physiology in reducing insect pressure.  Little is known about either subject.  The California pistachio crop is expected to increase significantly in the years ahead and research on harvest timing and optimization is needed.

Proposals must include a cover page (maximum two pages) that has the information on the template provided.

Proposal Presentations

January 28 and 29, 2020

Location to be determined.

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