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Submitting a Video Presentation for Review

With advancing technology, we are moving into video presentations this year. Below are some instructions on how to upload a premade video, or create a video using the Vimeo Browser Extension (Google Chrome only), as well as upload it for review!

Uploading a Pre-recorded Video

If you have already recorded a video file from another source/medium, please click here to upload it to DropBox, then fill out the form below to confirm.
If you need to upload a Vimeo link, follow the instructions in the next section, and upload it in the form at the bottom of this page.


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Installing and Using the Vimeo Browser Add-on to Create and Upload a Video (Google Chrome Browser Required)

Follow the instructions below to record a video using Vimeo. You can upload your Vimeo video link at the bottom of this page.
1. You will want to install the Vimeo Browser Add-on by visiting this link, and clicking “Add to Chrome”


2. If you are prompted to use your microphone, click “Allow.” This will ensure your audio is able to be captured once you start recording.


3. Open your browser add-ons by clicking on the puzzle piece in the top right of your browser, and then pin the extension by clicking on the ‘Pin’ icon next to Vimeo. If done correctly, you will now see the blue “V” in your extensions bar.


4. Once you see the blue “V” in your extensions bar, click on it and a small window will open. If you don’t already have a Vimeo account, click on “Join Vimeo” to make an account. Otherwise, click on “Log in” and skip to Step 7.


5. When clicking on “Create Account” you will be prompted to enter your name, an email address, and a password. Go ahead and fill out that information and then click the “Join with Email” button.


6. Once that info is entered, you will be redirected to another screen. Feel free to close the tab or click “Skip.” You should also receive an email to verify your account. Click the “Verify email address” button in that email to verify your account.


7. Now that you have an account, go ahead and click on the blue “V” in your extension again. This time, if you see some icons instead of the “Login” button, that means you are already logged in. Otherwise, use the “Log in” button from Step 4 to log in.


8. Once you are ready to record, (1) be sure to choose whether you want it to record your screen, your camera, or both. (2) Make sure it is checked as fullscreen, (3) make sure it’s set to the audio and video devices you’d like to use, (4) then click on “Start Recording”

Please note: Your camera will only show in the browser, so if you need to leave the browser (example: switching to a PowerPoint presentation), your camera will not show.

Once you start recording, do not close the browser as it will end the recording. However, you can minimize the browser if needed.


9. Once you click “Start Recording,” you will be prompted to choose which screen you would like to record. Choose your screen by clicking on it, and then pressing “Share.” There will be a countdown. When it hits 0 your recording will start. From there, go through the process of recording your video. To stop recording, click on the “Stop” button in your extension bar where the blue “V” was, or in the floating toolbar in your browser.


10. Once you’ve stopped recording, a window will pop up with your video. Wait for it to finish Uploading/Optimizing. Feel free to rename it (it is ‘New Recording – date’ by default). The link at the bottom is the link you will share with us. You should also be emailed the same link.


11. If you’ve lost your link, navigate back to the blue “V” in the extensions bar, and click on the folder icon. Then click “Open”


12. Once you have your link, enter it in the form below:

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